Threshold Technologies (beta)
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Welcome to Threshold Technologies.

You may wonder why the original page has gone away. I'd like to answer that, but there is a story behind it before I do. You see, my name is Tim, and I received a call from a friend who had formerly hired Threshold Technologies to develop a database for their organization. They had a problem. Their database was set up to work for one year, they are now into year 2, and it didn't work. I was able to take care of the issue, and in doing that I started investigating why Threshold Technologies was not responding to their support request.

Well, I found that the site was not up (and it was also an available domain name). The client mentioned that no-one was responding to the phone number listed either. So, I registered the domain, and I'm going to see if there are any other orphaned clients out there who need help. My background is of a web developer with 15 years of real-world IT experience, specializing in database heavy web sites in PHP. I know of server support folks that I can refer for that kind of business as well.

With that, the answer to the original question is appears to be no longer in business as of 10/12/12. You may contact me (not the previous owner of the business) at and I'll see what I can do to take care of your issue.



This one came to me as a thank-you from a non-profit that I have done a little pro bono work for. It didn't take me long to make a big difference in their organization.

Hi Tim,

I just wanted to extend a big thank you to you for all that you have done with our database. I was out of the office on Friday, but [a co-worker] and myself were just amazed at how quickly you resolved the issues we were having and the extensive knowledge you have with databases. It is clear now that perhaps we weren't working with someone as near as your caliber when the database was designed, but the items you have showed to us and have pointed out for future needs are things we were lacking and didn't even know it was possible to obtain.

I would like to talk to [the executive director] about your idea of not duplicating data in the database and perhaps us three can sit down and you could let us know how much time and effort that would take on your part and any other recommendations you have on the database. You have obviously added value to our database already and I would be interested in hearing any other thoughts that could help us next year. Again thank you for your dedication to this database, it has made a big difference in our project and an even bigger difference in our stress level!

Finance Director [of a faith-based non-profit]